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I have not seen In the Mouth of Madness, but I am familiar with the haunting notion here. In fact I wrote about this concept in my last book of poems...

Fits & Misfits

There’s always an unforeseen factor

that’ll melt a nuclear reactor,

but what one fails to imagine,

in his world doesn’t happen,

till it does; upon which he observes,

Well, it isn’t supposed to occur.

Never put into so many words,

his thoughts are vorpal swords,

fencing in mythical fields of logic

—half nonsense, half verbal magic.

And this delusional vanity,

this childish toying with reality

is all fine with me (I’m a madman

after all); what rattles my can

is how randomly an age splits

its fits from its misfits,

as though a shift in culture

wouldn’t upend the nomenclature,

and, a revolution later, the norm

become the madness of the age before.

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