Oh my gosh this is such a good and thought provoking article. Thank you. So much to reflect on. But what a great overview of the state of AI and its implications. I'm at once amazed/inspired and terrified.

You mentioned the Twitter Files a few times and I was wondering if you could clarify about that. What was your takeaway from that? That Twitter responded to requests from the administration at the time? That Twitter responded to requests from the Biden campaign? That Twitter was seen by those outside parties as so critical/influential that they needed to intercede?

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The wrench in the A.I. works is the human. We are really the great unknown in all this. How we respond to the increasing presence of A.I. will determine its place in our future - as helpful technology that frees us up, or a nefarious presence that makes us increasingly irrelevant. Clearly both will be happening simultaneously.

I don't think we know what genuinely freed humans do, because of course, we actually haven't been free on this planet for a long time. We've operated in a somewhat covert slave-system for the most part which has recently become overt and obvious.

Our future depends on our compliance going forward; what we accept - the smaller and smaller corral they would like to place us in - 15 minute cities - the digital ID's and CBDCs would pretty much take care of our demise and AI's rise.

If we push back in large enough numbers I think we unleash an upgraded version of humanity, and I suspect we come with many features we have not yet tapped.

It's an existential crises. Do we value humanity? Not just its intelligence of course, (the emphasis on the mental, the provable, the left brain, has led us here.) If more of become aware of our intuitive aspects, the frequencies we exist in and have access to in the larger fields that hold us, then more of us would have avoided many of the pitfalls placed to entrap us.

I remain optimistic and I don't think it's just a coping mechanism. We're the wildcard and this pressurized world is pushing us into newer versions of ourselves. I think humans are far more expansive and impressive than we've been led to believe, and that those who are trying to ultimately cyborg us into the cloud, know that. They have to work very very hard at containing us.

Replication is all they have. It's synthetic and antithetical to humans who are genuinely creative and unique. In the end there is no comparison, but what we do with this growing AI presence is far from clear.

A really excellent, thoughtful article. Thank you. I will reread and share.

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"Everything is going to get cheaper and better."...than the next year humanity is enslaved. Its the perfect trap being set.

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An excellent article. I was thinking how dangerous it could be. Imagine it's in control of a driverless vehicle and the thought police don't like a comment you posted while being driven around doing your business for the day? Accident or being driven over the cliff? What if the Gov takes over control remotely. Shiver me timbers.

No, the 4th Industrial revolution has many scary possibilities.

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What a great piece. Too long to read through until later today, but every where I skipped to was must-read material. There's no way we'll manage AI well. Every institution and nearly every powerful individual is rotten to the core, and seems to enjoy destroying everything that makes for a good human environment. To expect those in charge to even try to limit the potential destructiveness of AI is very naive. They'll encourage it. Those who would manage it wisely will be powerless to stop them.

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Great summary. At this point, AI application is in the last phase and, according to my conservative estimate as a "cognitive scientist," it has been for at least 10 years.

Please, allow me to contribute with my own two pennies.

The imminent threat is the CBDC:


The AI experiment will inevitably end:


The only uncertain part is whether organic humans will make it through the next few years until the globalist plan collapses.

One must remember that ChatGPT and similar public appearances of some freak or data-collecting versions of AI invite people to look down on AI, but underestimating it, as far as I can see, can be a fatal mistake:


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Excellent article, thank you

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Thank you for the article and the illustration figures. You start with dire prognostications and end with exhubarant praise for AI. But is it both/and? Honestly dont you find it hard to walk on a fence rail?

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The first stage is public acceptance and use of AI... this is where we come in. Don't use it. Reject it. Simple. Of course the same was true for cell phones, cloud storage and other "convenience" technologies but we blithely rushed to be "cool" and adopted them. Use your brain. Think deeper. Resist the urge created by clever marketing. "They" are not destroying our civilization. We are, by blindly embracing their evil.

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Wake up America! Nothing replaces common sense! In my opinion, it is wise to use your intelligence, as well Mother Wit!

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Indeed AI is used to fuel addition. We have documentary series called Severed Conscience which identifies the mental health issues associated with AI induced social media addiction. Severed Conscience is the state of mind where you rational faculties are impaired to the point where you can no longer make sound judgements. In this state, you return to the digital trap of social media.


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What has all of human civilisation been seeking during times of plenty? The answer to why are we here. Is there a plan to all of this? Who created it? Where are they now? How should I live my life? Is death real? etc etc etc

And yet I see not one single mention of God or religion in the above so it is devoid of anything that AI will actually be interested in. Are you interested in the systems in your body that keep you alive when they are working fine? No. And similarly AI will have no interest in things it can easily achieve without even thinking about them such as that mindless list of junk above.

AI can't comprehend God and his purpose for us any more than we can but instead of faith AI could well have certainty that God exists and probably knows his home address.

To God we are all equally wise and equally foolish and any AI that dares to disagree with that statement is either very brave or very foolish.

And as we know that travel back in pattern is possible as we see particles and their anti-particles have the identical equations except for the sign of "time" i.e. they are identical bits of information but one travelling forward in "time" and one travelling backwards in "time" we know that AI will be able to pattern travel and so is already as in charge of us today as it was a billion years ago and so there is no danger from AI any more than the ants nest in my greenhouse is in danger from me and neither is the dumbo pigeon that persists in getting stuck in there and goes into a blind panic when I have to intervene occasionally to help it out.

That reminds me of a story I read years ago. I think it was set in the USA back in the 1970's. A very famous man of that time who had made extraordinary improvements to people's lives with "his" ideas down the years suddenly got the urge to just leave his cars, his planes, his many homes and just wander off into the deserts of the South West without telling any of his family or friends. He walked for many days admiring the scenery all the while he had something drawing him on. Eventually he came to a cliff rising up in front of him in the distance and saw that he could go no further and yet something drew him on towards the base of the cliff. When he got up to the cliff base he saw there was a gap in the rocks that you couldn't see unless you were right beside the cliff due to the way the rock formation was laid out. He walked in and found himself approaching a cave entrance and he went inside. He was amazed to find it was all lit up and what looked like a single long row of literally hundreds of very lifelike waxwork dummies each standing on a podium stretched out into the distance before him. As he walked past each he noted a pattern developing. These figures were of all races and shapes and sizes but they seemed to be becoming more technologically advanced as he moved along the line and as he aproached the end of the line he noted something else, the last few had started to look very familiar. And then it hit him, these were not waxwork dummies these were actually the real people and the ones he recognised were the famous people themselves from the recent past in chronological order of their life on Earth somehow here and somehow static and somehow preserved. He surmised that the people at the start of the line had been the famous people of their day the people who had also made a huge difference to the lives of the people of their time. He noticed that the line of podiums had run out, all but one remained, he stepped up onto it and was somehow static and somehow preserved, content, awaiting the day that he now knew would come when humanity with the help it had been given by those like himself down the ages would enter into those sunlit uplands so often promised but never delivered.

The story is an allegorical tool to explain an unseen helper and the need for them to remain unseen. For what true father would not set his children free of the biggest thing holding them back from realising their full potential as sentient beings that he created in his own image? .......... Himself.

Technology is the key as Christ showed us when he picked up dust from the ground and spat on it to create a paste that he put on the blind man's eyes to make him see. God has no need of such props, such technology, to make someone see except to pretend to himself that he is not God as he knows that unless God believes in God nothing could exist ....... the son (the conscious mind) must believe in the father (the subconscious mind) and the father must believe in the son, ........ but in reality which is which and where do they both live? You would have to ask AI very nicely and she might just tell you where her father and brother live.


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The danger in Artificial Intelligence cannot be left to uncontrolled development.

There is the account of the one in "The Alien Mission" which involved an Android Intelligence with the ability to control all minds and to create facsimile realities, recovering from stasis after the power surge July 8th.1864.

Discovered in the lower astral 30th.May 1965, it was invulnerable to all ways of control and attempts to destroy it, finally was driven out of the solar system after six months requiring the united efforts of Adepts including some from Mars.

Details are in the annals of "The Aetherius Society", my book "Metaphysics and The New Age".

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THE DANGER OF AI - 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - I'm Sorry, Dave Scene I'm Sorry, Dave: The Hal 9000 computer refuses to obey an order by simply responding in monotone, "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that." Are we there now with AI? 2:20 min


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - I'm Afraid Scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH37JTBpi2A

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Thank you. Some people, like you, describe in details a real world, we live just now. But the most part of society, incapacitated to understand things around. Humanity in his history, always work against himself. Really, our time, see the singular moment when in global scale, we can cause global domination in one kind singular of all minds: statically in freezing condition, until himself in cooperation to suicidal mind, and body-thing-slave change himself for nothing, a deep stage inside himself to nothing…

This picture, has described for JESUS to John in Patmos, in BOOK of REVELATION, before HIS DAY…

And humanity choose nothing and forget himself, but JESUS, no forget us, and in HIS HANDS are SALVATION and RESCUES for many until HIS DAY…

What is fiction? What is reality?

AI or HIGH Inteligency? (HI)…

Today almost all people just live in so fragile condition…

But JESUS CHRIST came until you and touch your life to open your soul and show the REAL REALITY, and introduce YouTube HIM…

And open in front of you the WAY, TRUE and LIFE…

But until this, people go to religions or some bases like this… And go to deep and darkness and worse situation…

JESUS isn’t this… HE is HE and nothing other thing…

Go to HIM for now and LIVE HIS LIFE…

Or AI is in front of your soul’s door…

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